Top 5 budget phones you can buy in 2019

Written by Muhammad Usman ·  1 min read >
Best Budget Smartphone 2019 in Pakistan TechJuice

It’s an exciting time for smartphones. With intense competition among smartphone brands, we are getting amazing features even in budget device. If you’re looking for a new phone and are on a budget, we have a good selection of smartphones all under 24,000 rupees. In fact, we may be calling them budget phones, but they pack a good set of features and latest designs. However, note that the prices listed may be different from what is available in the market.

1. Realme 3

Realme 3 Price in Pakistan - TechJuice

Price Rs. 22,999
Sharing the same front design as the Galaxy A10, Realme 3 distinguishes itself with a cool gradient back and dual rear cameras which are 13 MP and 2 MP respectively. At this price range, Realme 3 is boasting amazing features.

It has a giant 4230 mAh battery which can easily last for more than a day. There is even a 3 GB RAM in the mix. While the picture may not be very clear, it does have a round fingerprint sensor at the back. No other phone matches when it comes to the value for money that you can get for this phone.

2. Oppo A5s

Oppo A5s Price in Pakistan TechJuice

Price Rs. 23,899
The most distinguishing feature of the Oppo A5s is the 4230mAh Battery. It ties with the Realme 3. But when it comes to RAM size, it lags behind with 2 GB RAM. Its camera is as good as Realme 3. It has the same dual-camera setup with 13 MP and 2 MP depth sensor.

At the end of the day, it comes down to brand preference. The Realme 3 is clearly a better phone, but some people may prefer Oppo over a relatively new brand in Pakistan like Realme.

3. Huawei Y6 Prime 2019

Huawei Y6 Prime Price in Pakistan TechJuice

Price Rs. 20,399
Huawei may be in hot waters right now but the phones are already in the market and have no issues. Unlike the Realme 3 and Galaxy A10, Y6 Prime features a Quad-core CPU. That’s half the CPU. With a 2 GB RAM, it is not impressive.

However, there is a fingerprint sensor and the option of Face Unlock. The brown color variant actually comes in a faux leather back as pictured above. You may be thinking it is a phone case but that’s just how it is. The single 13 MP camera is standard in this range.

4. Samsung Galaxy A10

Samsung Galaxy A10 Price in Pakistan TechJuice

Price Rs. 20,499
Samsung understands that the trend towards cheaper yet powerful phones is too strong to resist. The Galaxy A10 may not feature top of line features like fingerprint sensor, but it does have face unlock. There is not much to say about the 13 MP rear camera which looks odd considering dual cameras are the new norm.

It has a mediocre battery capacity at 3400 mAh. However, coupled with a 2 GB RAM and an Octa-core processor, it is a decent phone you can get at this price.

5. Vivo Y91c

Vivo Y91c Price in Pakistan TechJuice

Price Rs. 18,699
Vivo Y91c features compete with the rest of the phones in this list. However, there isn’t a feature or spec which really exceeds all the other phones. The 13 MP rear camera is single and there is no fingerprint sensor.

It does have a big battery though. The 4030 mAh capacity is quite a lot. It does have one thing going for it though. The phone comes with some nice back designs in all its three color variants.