Top 5 OPPO smartphones in Pakistan for 2019

Written by Muhammad Usman ·  2 min read >

If you are a fan of OPPO or looking to try out the brand, we have compiled a mid-year list of the best OPPO phones released in Pakistan. Before we begin, a little background info on OPPO. OPPO is a global smartphones brand which is known to produce phones in a large price range and with an emphasis on cameras. Founded in 2001, the brand became the leading smartphone manufacturer in June 2016 in China. Here are the latest and most notable OPPO phones that are available in Pakistan:

1. OPPO Reno 10X Zoom


Price: Rs. 109,999
You’ll have to bring out magnifying glasses to see the bezels on the sides. This is the most expensive OPPO phone released in Pakistan. Its features are one step better than the F11 Pro. For instance, unlike 6 GB RAM in F11, Reno 10X has 8 GB RAM. The big 4065 mAh battery is enough for the big 6.6 inches screen.

The selfie camera is pretty much the same with F11 Pro. The only difference is in the presentation. The rear camera is 48 MP and features 10 times zoom.

2. OPPO F11 Pro