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Turkish Aerospace Industries to continue providing academic support to Pakistan

Written by Naima Rabbie ·  55 sec read >

The Turkish aerospace industries continue to reinforce its cooperation with Pakistan in every field. TAI initiated a project  with NUST or national University of Science and Technology in 2019 within the framework of capacity building and human resource exchange continues successfully.

In mid of 2019, 15 interns went to Turkish Aerospace Industries for internship and the training that was meant to continue till August. TAI has a necessary place in the world aviation ecosystem. It aims to convey crucial knowledge and experience the field of aviation and space technologies to the students coming from the sister country, Pakistan, within the internship program.

TAI internship program that will add a new dimension to the ongoing positive relationship with Pakistan will make a significant contribution to Pakistan’s qualified and well-trained workforce in the medium.

The National Science and Technology Park in Pakistan is the first techno-park where multiple Turkish tech companies have opened their offices with the cooperation of Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

The aim is to develop new technologies for the future of the aviation system between Pakistan and Turkey. Turkish aerospace industries cooperate with Pakistan in the commercial relationship as well as academic fields. They have continued to work rapidly to implement essential projects with Pakistan within the scope of R&D and innovation.

The close ties between NUST and TAI turned into a memorandum of understanding with the participation of President Tayyip Erdogan and Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan., and It is believed that with the support of tech sector of both the countries academic cooperation had become official