Uber to get a patent to identify drunk passengers

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Uber has applied for a patent that will detect drunk passengers with the help of Artificial Intelligence tools.

On 7th June, Uber the ride-hailing giant announced that it has filed for a patent that can identify “user’s state” with algorithm tools. By user’s state, it means Uber would be able to identify if you’re drunk and how far from your normal state.

Uber claims that many drunk riders find difficulty in getting their home and meanwhile haphazardly book a taxi. But now, Uber plans to provide a quite safer hailing service to people who are drunk. The system will also give drivers more information and warning about the passenger’s state and make them get prepared for the adventure ahead. To be precise, the patent application explains how Uber can identify user’s unusual behavior with algorithm tools and smartphone interaction measurements.

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The system relies on an algorithm to measure a variety of factors and user’s unusual behavior on phone, including typos, how precisely a user clicks on links, the phone’s angle, walking speed, and how long it takes to request a ride and the location where it is requested. The patent reads drivers would also be warned of their passenger’s state. And passengers with an unusual state may only be matched with drivers with relevant experience or training.

Uber is relentlessly working on features to provide more safety to its passengers. Last month, we reported that Uber has introduced a new built-in feature in its app that allows the passengers to call 911 in case of an emergency initially for the US. Considering the importance and simplicity of this feature, it may also be available in other countries as well.

Apparently, we think that the drunk feature would not be introduced in Pakistan as we don’t observe drunk passengers commonly. However, in future, Uber might introduce it here.

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