Uber lets you hide your location while requesting a ride

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Uber has released a clever update for its users through which they will be able to hide their exact location while requesting a ride or sharing the drop off location.

The feature works in such a way that when you request an Uber ride, you will be able to mention the cross streets for the drop off or pick up location. This is a useful feature for those rides who are wary of sharing their exact location.

The location feature of Uber service is responsible for a barrage of good and bad incidents. Just recently, an Uber driver shared her tale of how she picked up her boyfriend’s another girl friend at the airport.

In Pakistan, the feature is not yet available but will be rolling out soon. There have been many creepy and weird incidents brought to the internet by riders of ride hailing services. When security is a top notch concern for many riders especially females, this feature is going to be a safe haven.

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