Uber to officially launch tomorrow in Pakistan, here is how it will cost

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Starting with Lahore, the much-awaited ride service Uber has finally launched in Pakistan. The company also unveiled its pricing plan today and it isn’t as expensive as many had expected.

At a pre-launch briefing held today at Barcelos, Lahore, Uber released its plans for Pakistan and starting 12 PM tomorrow, Lahoris can start hailing Uber rides at the price of Rs. 13.7 per Kilometer.

The interest has been incredible in Lahore, so we are extremely excited to be launching here first. Anyone can now enjoy an affordable, reliable and safe ride at the push of a button thanks to uberGO”, said Loic Amado, Uber’s international Launcher for for Middle East & Pakistan.

UberGO Pricing Plan

  • Base Fare: 100
  • Cancellation: 150
  • Minimum Fare: 150
  • Per KM: 13.7
  • Per minute: 3.7

You can find the total cost for any Uber ride by adding the minute charge and the kilometer charge to the base fare. For example, a normal 10 Kilometer ride that took 10 minutes is going to cost you,

(10×13.7) + (10 x 3.7) + 100
137 + 37 + 100
= Rs. 274

The currently-available UberGo vehicles include Suzuki Swifts, Toyota Vitz, Toyota Corollas, Honda Civics or equivalent.

You can start using Uber by going to the following link and signing up.

After Lahore, the ride-sharing service will be coming to Karachi and Islamabad as well in the upcoming months. Keeping in mind the low number of electronic-payment using people in the country, Lahore is also one of the first cities in which Uber is utilizing both payment options- cash as well as the usual electronic payment option.

Uber initially unveiled its plans to launch in Pakistan back in October of 2015, and has been highly-anticipated by Pakistani users since then. Although there has been much debate about whether the ride-sharing service model will work in Pakistan or not, the initial response has been incredible and the company is also offering free trips throughout Lahore for the first weekend.

Written by Rehan Ahmed
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