UKAid Grant signs MoU with Plan9 to support education based startups

Written by Asra Rizwan ·  29 sec read >

Plan9 and Ilm Ideas 2 Education Innovation Fund has signed an MoU to support education based startups incubated under Plan9 for the coming year. To name a few, Educoders, Edutative, Smac Factory and Uninama have previously been incubated at the government incubator and will be supported along with many others that are providing educational solutions whilst bringing along technology innovation.

UK Aid’s ‘Ilm Ideas 2 Education Innovation Fund’ has been initiated to improve the local education sector. The fund primarily focuses on primary and secondary education through introducing innovative learning solutions. The program is working towards capacity building of Pakistani organizations to support educational innovation. According to estimated figures, over 250,000 students out of which 50% students will benefit from the program by 2019.

Ilm Ideas 2 has also signed an MoU with LUMS Center of Entrepreneurship to fuel growth of educational ventures.

Written by Asra Rizwan
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