Uninama Beta – The Pakistani Online Education Network Goes Live

Written by Asra Rizwan ·  1 min read >

Uninama launches itself as the first of its kind online Pakistani education network. The beta version of the site has gone live recently. The interactive web service is aiming to provide a platform to connect Pakistani academic institutes with prospective students, industry and also international community.

So what is Uninama?

With a catchy combination of words as their identity: ‘university’ and ‘nama,’ Uninama promises to bring all the information regarding schools, colleges and universities of Pakistan under one umbrella. It comes with the mission to develop a community where people can access information regarding education and connect to various institutes and their alumni to help them advance in their academic and professional lives. In addition to that, Uninama is also aiming to facilitate institutes of all levels by providing need of the hour services to enhance their marketing efforts and educational standards.

Uninama currently has four features that allows a user to browse different universities, write up an article, start up a discussion in the forum and lastly, match himself for a university according to requirements. Currently, Uninama has a very limited list of universities and those also have programs of engineering sciences and social sciences. The list noticeably lacks medical universities especially notable names such as DOW University of Health Sciences, King Edward Medical Institute, etc. While some of the universities have comprehensive information on their tabs, there are many who have no information at all. The general information displayed for each university is stereotypical at times and seems like no research has been done for their descriptions. Likewise, the fee and financing tab only displays numeric values with no such information whether the amount is per year or per semester.

When it comes to the UI design of the website, it falls short aesthetically. A lot of images and university logos appear to be stretched effecting the neatness of the design. The website is also not responsive and it can effect potential users as most of the people now access web through their tablets and phones.

Uninama can only gather audience if they put a slight more focus on their design and content. It is advisable they link official websites of universities in description tabs. For students who do not only look for an amazing academic experience but also look forward to on-campus activities, the developers can link the societies of each university with their social media pages and websites. Uninama comes with a great mission and in order to survive in the market, they have to make a lot of improvements in their Beta version specifically regarding design and content. Moreover, if they start collaborating actively with educational institutes, it will promote them much further.

Written by Asra Rizwan
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