Vivo X20 Plus which might feature an under-display fingerprint scanner gets certified

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After the confirmation that Samsung isn’t the brand which will be getting a first of its kind under-screen fingerprint scanner, instead, Vivo which is also known as the 5th largest smartphones’ manufacturer is introducing the first smartphone with an on-display fingerprint scanner. As of now, more details of that device have been revealed. A variant in Vivo X20 Plus has got 3C certification in China and the phone will probably feature an on-display fingerprint scanner.

The listing of the 3C certification reveals the name of the smartphone to be Vivo X20 Plus UD’ moniker. Vivo X20 was launched back in September and has also been hit with a special edition for FIFA World Cup 2018. So how we predict X20 Plus UD moniker to a smartphone with an under-screen fingerprint scanner is the ‘UD’ part of its name, which is apparently hinting towards ‘Under Display’.

However, these are ale speculations and you must take them with a pinch of salt. So far, it has been confirmed that the smartphone of Vivo will have a fingerprint scanner that will be two times faster than iPhone X’s Face Id. Isn’t it seems pointless? Because Apple’s face recognition technology which works with 3D depth measuring sensors is quite different from how this fingerprint scanner will work.

The new variant of Vivo X20 Plus will also be featuring an OLED display as the fingerprint scanner will be sealed between the motherboard and the OLED. Hence, it will be more durable to dirt and moisture. The phone is rumored to be coming at CES, which is just a few days ahead.

Written by Sajeel Syed
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