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VMware acquires PLUMgrid

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PlumGrid, one of the Pakistan’s First OpenStack Cloud deployers, has been acquired by VMWare, for a deal, the details of which hasn’t yet been disclosed.

In the deal which closed this Friday, VMWare has opted to buy assets at PLUMGrid along with a few employees. In a blog post dated this Friday, one of the PLUMgrid founder Pere Monclus said that the startup has been acquired and that many of the current team has already joined the new team. The post went on to state the team accomplishments and thanked them. VMware has acknowledged the closed deal on acquiring certain IP assets from PLUMgrid and that it will be taking in a number of employees as well.

The post read,

“Today we’re announcing that we will be starting a new journey as we continue revolutionizing and transforming the networking industry to build and expand on software-defined infrastructure for private and public clouds. Our technology and IP have been acquired, and many of our employees have joined a new team.

VMWare is a subsidiary company of Dell Technologies which provides cloud services and virtualization software services, security and OpenStack services. The company primarily targets the x86 architecture. Having acquired PLUMGrid,VMWare will have a more insight and prowess into the OpenStack SDN and Cloud domain.

PLUMGrid is an OpenStack software-defined networking (SDN) startup which provides cloud solution services to the consumers. The startup was being founded by Awais Nemat which was a Pakistani, and the other founders being Sushil Singh, and Pere Monclus. Since 2011 when it was founded, PLUMGrid has been providing secure and scalable SDN and NFV solutions particularly for container and OpenStack cloud services.

Written by Muneeb Ahmad
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