Way To Become A Freelancer Under National Freelance Training Program

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National Freelance Training Program is a training program initiated by the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication (MoITT). The program provides contemporary training to aspiring freelancers who want to continue their careers as a freelancer.

The program is under the MoITT and the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) now collectively announced the National Freelance Training Program and now accepting applications for its next phase.

The objective of the project is to educate the youth and provide them with a platform to earn and grow. The freelance program will provide online employment opportunities for young people throughout Pakistan. It will help the youngster to become a freelancer in the country.

Through the NFTP, participants will receive training in high-demand digital skills, enabling them to earn a handsome amount through various freelancing platforms. There are multiple online platforms are operating and providing amazing opportunities for freelancers to earn a good amount while sitting at home.
Over 11,000 students have already completed their training and now earning over $2.25 million in foreign exchange.


How To Become Freelancer Under National Freelance Training Program

The government is now investing a huge amount to educate the Pakistanis and especially the youngsters. The different programs will provide opportunities for youngsters to grow and earn well. This will also open the doors of communication and collaboration with multiple countries. The government is offering significant discounts ranging from 70% to 100%.

Moreover, eligibility requirements for admission include having a National Identity Card (NIC) being a resident of the respective province, and having completed 14 years of education. The age criteria for admission are 18 to 40 years.

Centres At Differnet Locations

As the government wants to educate every individual in some way. Therefore, multiple centers have been established to facilitate the learners. To facilitate the training,20 centers have been established across the country. The course provides three months of training in Technical Content Marketing, Advertising, and Creative Designing to unemployed youth.

Moreover, the NFTP offers a wide range of courses including web development, graphic design, writing, and marketing. Experienced professionals are hired by the authorities, and students have a variety of resources including online learning platforms, mentors, and network opportunities.

In addition, the certificates will be given to candidates after the successful completion of the program. The certificates will be based on formal performance evaluation and rating. Candidates will be evaluated on attendance, student performance, and other assignments.

The courses will be assigned in different ways during the span of the course. The duration of the program is three months.

How To Apply For Freelance National Training Program

To apply for the program you have to complete the registration process. It can be done by visiting the NFTP website and clicking on the “Register” button. Once you are done with the registration, then you will have to choose courses from the given list. You can take as many and as few as you like.

However, it also provides an opportunity to get started as a freelancer:

  • Job Search Assistance: the NFTP helps you to search for a job that matches your skills and interest
  • Business Planning Assistance: it helps you develop a business plan for your freelance business
  • Marketing assistance: it helps you market your freelance business to potential clients


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