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WhatsApp Dark mode is arriving soon, here’s your first look

Written by Faisal Saeed ·  59 sec read >

WhatsApp’s has started working on “Dark Mode” feature for its messaging app on Android. In the 2.19.47 beta update, WhatsApp redesigned all the app’s settings, to make the system compatible with the new Dark Mode. The dark mode revealed itself when Webetainfo made a few tweaks in the apps android package kit (APK).

The mode showcase white text on a black background with green accents. A lot of users find a black background in a messaging app quite comforting. Moreover, the dark mode also helps in conserving the battery of smartphones. Google admitted that the dark mode draws, 43% less battery as compared to the default white background even if the brightness is set to maximum. Google itself is revamping its apps to support darker themes.

It is not clear whether WhatsApp will integrate the dark mode in its main app because the feature is not even available in the beta version at the moment. However, with the increase in the dark mode trend, there is a great possibility that WhatsApp will add this feature in its own app as well.

Recently, a number of popular social media apps, like Twitter, YouTube, Google Assistant, and Facebook Messenger also added a dark mode to their systems which became quite popular among various Android and iOS users.

WhatsApp is also under immense pressure to tackle the spread of false news on its messaging platform, for which WhatsApp recently launched ‘Frequently forwarded’ feature on its app. This feature will provide information to users regarding how many times a particular message has been forwarded. A frequently forwarded label will appear on the message which has been forwarded for more than five times.