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WhatsApp for Mac Gets Group Audio and Video Calling Features

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  56 sec read >
Apart from allowing eight-person video calls and up-to-32-person audio calls, WhatsApp has got a redesign making it look similar to other macOS applications

WhatsApp for Mac has received a complete redesign that changes not only the application’s interface, making it more macOS friendly, but also giving it newer features such as group video and voice calling, both containing the same end-to-end encryption WhatsApp has on its applications on all other platforms.

Following the new update, users are able to have group audio calls with as many as 32 people at one time and group video calls with as many as 8 people. Apart from these amazing group calling features, WhatsApp for Mac now lets users drag and drop files into chats, and even allows them to view more chat history.


Going through the new features, theme and even smaller functionalities such as the ‘drag and drop’ shows that WhatsApp has personalized the Mac application to match other macOS applications or even MacOS itself, giving users an easier and matched feel, or in the words of Meta, a feel that’s “familiar to Mac users”.

While the WhatsApp for Mac can only be downloaded from the WhatsApp website, it will soon be available on the macOS App Store.

Now built a lot more like the macOS built-in Messages application, will WhatsApp be able to pull in new Mac users? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments down below!


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