WhatsApp has increased its un-send time limit to 60 hours, including other updates

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WhatsApp update

The first feature enables users to leave a group privately without the app notifying other members that they have done so. Only the group admin will now be informed of your exit instead of all group members.

This feature has to be among the most anticipated ones WhatsApp has released. It was initially rumored to be in development back in May. By the end of this month, all users should have access to this upgrade.

Whatsapp Update

Users may also choose which contacts they can see online with the second feature, which will also become available this month. The company says, “We’re adding the opportunity to pick who can and can’t see while you’re online, for the moments you want to keep your online presence private.”

Over the years, numerous users have asked for the option of being able to hide their online status from certain people in their contacts. Users may now use the app in peace and may find it extremely helpful to be able to hide their online status.

The final upgrade is to prevent people from screenshotting View Once Messages. Being able to view an image or a video without leaving a permanent digital trace is the whole point of View Once. The functionality is now receiving an additional layer of security from the corporation. The function is currently being tested, and all users should have access to it “soon.”

The company also said that it is “starting out a campaign to educate people about the new features and our continuous commitment to preserving your private chats on WhatsApp” in addition to these new privacy features.

In related news, WhatsApp has increased the time limit for message deletion from one hour, eight minutes, and sixteen seconds to an astounding sixty hours. Details of this news are mentioned here.