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Settle down in front of your idiot box and you will realize that more than fifty percent of the dancing and singing models are convincing you to switch from one cellular network to another. They promise never-before-offered economic bundles as a bait to lure you into their kingdom of millions of confused users. After trying a couple of networks, asking disturbed friends and using various packages I have listed down some sought after bundles and offers that are catering to the needs of young and old alike.

Bundles for Youngsters

These are my brothers and sisters who are always on a budget and avoid making unnecessary calls unless it is a situation of life and death. They usually communicate through text messages but with the growing popularity of 3G internet they have inclined towards messaging apps such as Whatsapp. The most popular cellular network amongst the youngsters are DJuice and Ufone, however Zong also have a considerable number of young users. While Ufone introduced Uth Pack and Zong did Circle to attract youngsters to not only utilize mobile offers but also to avail discounts at various clothing and dining outlets.

The most popular packages are the SMS packages that you can subscribe according to your need. Almost every network is providing an array of such packages ranging from daily package to weekly and monthly packages. The rates charged by each network are almost similar to one another with a difference of only few paisas that depends upon the number of SMS provided.


Djuice Hybrid Bundles Offers enables you to call free on FnF while you also enjoy internet and texting. Moreover, you can also enjoy FREE Whatsapp, Twitter and Facebook by subscribing at *5*325#

Economic Packages for Women

How can the cellular companies forget the fairer sex that has always pursued the habit of gossiping? One fact is concretely established that our mothers and aunts are not people who enjoy typing but they will always want to speak their heart out. Therefore, to fuel these chatter boxes there are various offers that provide economic call rates that can be subscribed accordingly. Some really good packages that are popular among house wives and other females are Zong Flutter, Ufone and Telenor Talkshawk’s Din Bhar. They can subscribed only when required.


Quality Services for Professionals

The professionals are always worried that their phone may run out of credit at a very wrong time. Since majority of the people not only calls but also communicate via emails, therefore it is essential to subscribe to such packages that gives you the best of both worlds. Over the years, Mobilink Postpaid has made its mark and is always trusted to provide better quality on low costs. M300, M600, M999, Ufone Super Card and Talkshawk Value Package are proper plans that does not only provide you with on-net minutes but also off-net call, internet minutes, free SMS and significantly international calls.

We usually target cellular companies for making a fool out of us while feasting on our credit. However, if we visit the official websites of Mobilink, Telenor Talkshawk and Djuice, Zong, Ufone, and Warid and search for various services and packages, we shall realize that there is something to cater the need of everyone. The packages are displayed comprehensively encompassing all the answers to our questions towards tax, rates, validity and what not.

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