Who watches YouTube in Pakistan?

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Following the arrival of YouTube Pulse in Pakistan, YouTube shared the results of its Profiling Study for Pakistan in a recent press meet. To develop the YouTube Profiling Study, the video-streaming platform, collaborated with Kantar TNS, market research and information group. The study was wrapped up in September 2018, and the results were revealed in the YouTube Pulse event that took place in January, this year.

During the press meet, Head of Ads Marketing for Pakistan – Lars M. B. Anthonisen and Associate Product Marketing Manager – Gabe Jimenez, shared some interesting insights from the study and how Pakistani YouTube users, interact with the video-streaming platform.

In January 2016, the Government of Pakistan lifted the three-year ban on YouTube. Since then, the video-streaming platform has become the favorite destination for Pakistanis, leading by 45 points against the second popular video-streaming. The number of Pakistani YouTubers is on the increase. In 2016, only eight Pakistani YouTube channels had over 100,000 subscribers. In a matter of two years, now 650+ local YouTubers enjoy this subscription number.

The YouTube Profiling Study studied the behaviour of 1500 users. 1 out of 3 users, hailed from a rural area. Here are some key stats from the study, highlighting the active engagement of Pakistani users with YouTube:

  • 73% of online Pakistanis watch YouTube every month
  • 80% of online millennials residing in metro cities in Pakistan are reached by YouTube
  • 78% of YouTube users in Pakistan agree that the platform is their first stop when looking for any kind of video
  • 64% of online Pakistanis say YouTube is their favourite video platform
  • 63% of YouTube users in Pakistan agree that they often watch YouTube with friends and family
  • YouTube reaches the highest number of users during TV’s prime time evening hours, that is, 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM

These numbers build a strong case to help Pakistani brands understand the utilization of the video streaming platform for marketing and advertisement campaigns. At the Pulse event, YouTube also shared the leaderboard for the top 10 popular Pakistani YouTube advertisements in 2018.

The following numbers tell how YouTube has become an essential part of the consumer path to purchase in Pakistan,

  • 68% of Pakistani YouTube users say that it is a useful site when searching for product and brand information
  • 60% of users believe watching YouTube videos helps them decide which products or brands to buy
  • 64% of users say they visit a website mentioned in the video or found on the watch page
  • 50% of users who have seen ads say they help them decide which products or brands to buy
  • 43% of users who use both YouTube and TV believe that YouTube advertisement is more relevant than a television advertisement
  • 40% of users who use both YouTube and TV believe that brands they see on YouTube are more credible than brands they see on TV

During the press meet, the Google officials also shared the inspiring story of Kitchen with Amna, a YouTube food channel started by three siblings. In July 2018, Amna became the first Pakistani women YouTuber to receive the YouTube Gold Play Button. Her channel currently boasts 1.7 million subscribers and represents how quality content has the potential to change livelihoods.

YouTube also shared the top eight content categories on YouTube in Pakistan that are attracting eyeballs. These categories include:

  • Sports
  • TV & Cinema
  • Comedy
  • Travel
  • News & Talk Shows
  • Music
  • Beauty
  • Food

YouTube believes that Pakistani brands can no longer ignore the platform for the unique marketing and advertising opportunity it provides. It wants local brands to succeed, and want them to be where consumers are in the moments that matter.

Written by Asra Rizwan
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