Google releases list of most popular Pakistani YouTube Ads of 2018

By Shaoor Munir on
January 24, 2019
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YouTube officially launched their flagship event for advertisers and brands to Pakistan last week. This was a huge development for the budding YouTube community in Pakistan.

Now Google is following that development with its YouTube Ads Leaderboard for Pakistan for the year 2018. This list represents the top 10 ads and branded content people chose to watch on YouTube through a combination of popularity and promotion. See the table below for top 10 ads that ran in Pakistan for the year 2018:

  1. Surf Excel (Surf Excel Ramazan 2018 | #EkNekiRozana)
  2. (Kia Pakistan India per baazi lay gaya?)
  3. Peek Freans (Peek Freans Cake Up | TVC 2018 | Real Rishtey)
  4. Shaan Foods (Shan Thematic 2018 – #OneBiryaniOneFamily)
  5. Lifebouy (Dr.Lifebuoy V/S Jaraseem Episode 4)
  6. Ariel (Ariel: Oho Nahi, Hoo Hoo)
  7. Nestle (NESTLÉ CERELAC Loree Kahani presents Chanda Mama sung by Ali Noor & Zeb Bangash!)
  8. Pepsi (Pepsi Battle of the Bands Season 3)
  9. Coca-Cola (Coke and Music TVC)
  10. Funn Mitti Se (پنجاب کے رنگ | صبا قمر | عاصم اظہر | فن مٹی سے | Celebrating Punjab Funn Mitti Se)

Some key trends that can be stipulated from this leaderboard are:

  • Made for digital is taking precedence now: Unlike in the offline world where space and time are limited, YouTube offers brands and agencies a creative canvas, allowing them as much or as little time as they need to tell their story in whatever form works best for their message. So we are starting to see longer and more creative ads which normally would not be able to run on traditional TV.
  • Millennials spend more time on YouTube: many of the ads that are being created now are catered toward millennials, including those with strong female leads across the ads that populate the leaderboard. This shows the tendency of advertisers to target millennials specifically through their latest ad campaigns.

These trends show that the advertisement industry in Pakistan, like the global industry, is undergoing a paradigm shift. Advertisers are now realizing that the audience is now shifting towards consuming a lot more content online than offline, and thus their method showing advertisements and the medium that they choose has to be re-evaluated.

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