Wi-Tribe unveils LTE-Advanced packages delivering 4.5G speeds in Pakistan

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Wi-Tribe has finally taken curtains off of its LTE-Advanced packages. Working on 4.5G technology, these packages vary from starter packages at 50 GB to all the way up to 1 TB Elite package.

Wi-Tribe had been gearing up to launch its LTE-Advanced services in Pakistan for the past few months. Some initial tests even showed the new network infrastructure going beyond 200 Mbps. Wi-Tribe is finally launching these services for all customers with the introduction of four different type of LTE-Advanced bundles. The Prepaid, Postpaid, Elite and Enterprise packages offer a wide range of different data limits, going from 50 GB at starter package to all the way up to 1 TB for the Elite package.

Wi-Tribe is dividing the new packages into Postpaid Starter, Prepaid, Postpaid INFINET and ELIE packages. Here’s an overview of all the packages:

Postpaid Starter Package

Postpaid Starter Package offers download volumes from 50 GB to 90 GB for those looking to use the connection for limited browsing and surfing. Here’s the complete breakdown of different data volumes offered by Postpaid Starter Package.

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Postpaid INFINET Package

For those users who tend to burn through a lot more data than offered by the starter package, Wi=Tribe is offering the Postpaid INFINET Package. This package offers a much larger amount of data volume, ranging from 120 GB to all the way up to 500 GB. Here’s the price breakdown for the package:

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Elite Package

For users who are not satisfied by data limits in any of the other packages, Elite package offers the highest amount of data volume that Wi-Tribe offers. With only one option of 1 TB of data for 5,099 PKR per month, the Elite package will certainly be for those users who tend to stream a lot of HD content and are looking to download to their heart’s content.

Prepaid Packages

All the packages mentioned above are Postpaid packages, meaning their bill will have to be paid at the end of the month. And as is the case with all postpaid packages, running out of data will mean a higher surcharge added to the final bill. If you are looking to avoid that, the prepaid package will make sure that running out of data does not mean additional charges being added to your bill. Wi-Tribe is offering following options in the prepaid packages:

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Note: This prepaid offer is for a limited time only and the data volume for both packages will be reduced to 35 GB and 60 GB respectively when the offer ends.

Activation Charges

For both the postpaid and prepaid packages, users will have to pay 9,999 Rupees of activation charges for the first month. For the limited time only, Wi-Tribe is slashing the activation charges to 4,999 PKR for postpaid packages and 6,999 PKR for prepaid packages. Users will also get one month of free LTE-Advanced services if they sign up for a package now.

How to register for LTE-Advanced packages?

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