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Windows 10 free upgrade will be ending in a few hours

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Today marks one year since the launch of Windows 10. This also means that Microsoft’s offer for a free upgrade to Windows 10 expires today.

Being a Windows user who hasn’t upgraded to Windows 10, you will know how relentlessly Microsoft has been promoting it via small notifications on your task bar. Today is your last chance to cave into Microsoft’s efforts and upgrade to Windows 10. If you’re still having some last minute thoughts, we’ve got you covered!

Why should I upgrade?

Because it’s free!

If you miss the deadline today, you will then have to pay large bucks in order to upgrade. According to Microsoft, the Home version will cost you $120 whereas the Windows 10 Pro will cost you $200. Why would anyone want to spend that much money on an operating system? Some people probably will, but a more economic approach would be to upgrade while it is still free of cost.

It is now bug-free!

If you happen to be second-guessing your decision to upgrade, stop thinking and just do it! If you were having these doubts last year when Windows 10 was still a month old, you reservations might have been valid. However, now Windows 10 is free of any sort of bugs or glitches and is working just fine on millions of PCs who have chosen to upgrade.

Brilliant interface and features

If you happen to be a Windows 7 fan, the upgrade will be strongly reminiscent for you, bringing back the start menu that Windows 8 brutally removed. Windows 10 brings in the successor to Internet Explorer in the form of Microsoft Edge which is an absolute joy to use. And the interface, in general, is very simple yet brilliant and will make your transition completely worth it. If you do choose to upgrade, you’ll have the cool perks of the Windows 10 Anniversary Upgrade to look forward to!

So, how do I upgrade?

The entire process of upgrading is very simple. Just head over to Microsoft’s download page or you could just click on the small Windows icon on your task bar, and get the upgrade going! But before you do that, we would suggest backing up any important data you may have even though it is not a compulsory requisite.

Note: If at any point, you don’t like Windows 10 you can easily downgrade to your previous version.

When does the offer expire?

The offer’s expiration time varies depending on where you live. So if you’re living in Pakistan, the offer expires at midnight – 12:00 AM.

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