Microsoft nags its users for free Windows 10 update for the last time

By TechJuice on
July 4, 2016
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Microsoft is nagging its users one last time before the Windows 10 free upgrade offer expires on 29th of July. After the expiration, you will have to pay 12,000 PKR ($119) to upgrade to the latest operating system.

This notification is Microsoft’s last try to get the users of Windows 7 and Window 8.1 to taste the latest operating system free of cost. We have been hearing woes and cries over the internet about automatic download and upgrade to Windows 10. Just recently, a woman won 10,000 dollars in a legal battle over a claim that Windows 10 was downloaded and upgraded her machine without her consent, causing her machines to slow down. Hence, losing business on the busiest time of the year.


The screen above shows you the kind of notification you will be getting from Microsoft’s end. You can opt for a later reminder which will go on for 3 more times or you can upgrade right away. The machines which have blocked the notifications related to Windows 10 through 3rd party applications will not be getting this prompt. Also the ones, which had upgraded but reverted to the original operating system after a while.

If you are looking to upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7. It is going to be a palpable transition for you. After the Windows 10 upgrade, like over 300 million users you should be looking forward to the Windows 10 anniversary update which is bringing forth some new features and improvements.

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