World’s first ever Blockchain-based Postal Service launched

By TechJuice on
June 7, 2018
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Blockchain-based postal service, Envilope, has just launched.

CEO of Envilope, Mark Allardyce, believes the internet security and personal data are at risk. For internet security and to prevent theft of personal data, blockchain is going to play its role very well in the field of security. Allardyce reassures investors and businessmen along with common people by explaining Envilope in clear simple words:

Legal, financial, insurance, telecom, healthcare, government agencies and others are already interested in us. We estimate a 100+ million audience among consumers for Envilope and a large, growing market in the B2B sector as well.

The aim of Envilope is to create a platform where email security is extremely high and it would become safe to send important emails without the fear of encryption and leaking. It would be almost impossible to hack such a technology. The idea is to transform the real envelope and mailing system and apply blockchain technology to it. With advanced encryption reinforcement, emails, digital files, documents containing images and video etc, will be hundred times safer enabling the “big companies” of telecom, healthcare, and government agencies high security for their valued customers. Through Envilope, only the recipient will be able to view the email after a two-factor verification. The number of times an email would be opened, viewed and the use of the content will be tracked by the Ethereum Blockchain Technology, called Blockspamming.

Envilope already seems to have a brighter future in market and business sector as more and more workers are becoming internet based in the field of telecom, healthcare, digital finance, insurance etc. Security is always the number one concern of every organization that must be guaranteed to all users and clients for customer satisfaction. Any well-established organization would surely want to implement this new technology of Blockchain-based Postal Service, Envilope.

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