Xiaomi Plans To Begin Mass Production Of Electric Vehicles

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According to the latest reports, Xiaomi is experiencing trouble getting a manufacturing license for its electric vehicle project. As many companies could not compete in producing electric vehicles, the Chinese government tightened license requirements.

China is the pioneer in making electric vehicles, and up till now, it has produced many electric vehicles including electric bicycles.

EVs have made it easier for Chinese companies to get a special license to make cars. Multiple Chinese companies and new businesses received government funding before failing and disappearing.

On the other hand, at the end of March 2021, after a massive deliberation, Xiaomi decided to launch a subsidiary to operate the group’s future “smart electric vehicle business.”

Moreover, at that time, Xiaomi Planned to invest 10 billion US dollars in the electric car venture in the coming ten years.


In Jan 2023, a Chinese tech giant was spotted testing its upcoming electric vehicles in snowy weather in China. The new EV was in the testing phase under different weather.

In other words, the company was testing yeh Xiaomi’s car under extreme weather conditions of cold and likely making.

As we know, tech giants have increasingly made headway in the EV sector. Some big names are still working to produce EVs, including Apple, Oppo, Sony, and more. Though, Apple is expected to launch its EV nearly in 2025.
Sony has already established its mobility brand and showcased two EV concepts under the new brand.

According to reports, Xiaomi applied for its manufacturing license later than required by the previous rules. Therefore, the new rules have become a challenge to the company.

Xiaomi took over Borgward, a bankrupt German company, to speed up the procedure. The purchase of Borgward should enable Xiaomi to start producing cars soon.

However, the company has invested $1.5 billion in EV Development and established a factory in Beijing. The factory is capable of producing 300,000 units annually.

In addition, the report also states that with the available resources, Xiaomi should quickly obtain the permit and will start manufacturing EVs soon.

However, the R&D team behind Xiaomi cars has increased to over 2,300 members, and its constantly working tirelessly to make its official mass production debut in Q1 2024.
With the soft-film car rolling off the assembly line in September 2022. Whereas the winter testing began at the end of December, their progress has surpassed expectations.

Lei Jun emphasized that autonomous driving is a crucial aspect of Xiaomi’s foray into the automotive industry. Almost more than 140 vehicles are ready to undergo testing across the region in the first phase of their autonomous driving initiative.

The aim behind it is to establish itself as a leader in the industry by 2024. If we talk about profitability, Lei Jun said that “Xiaomi prioritizes software profits, similar to their approach with their mobile phones. The future of cars presents exciting opportunities for integrating various services beyond sales and after-sales services.

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