Xiaomi Plans To Begin Mass Production Of Electric Vehicles

According to the latest reports, Xiaomi is experiencing trouble getting a manufacturing license for its electric vehicle project. As...

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Feb 17 · >

Suzuki Is All Set To Launch Electric Jimmy Next Year

Suzuki Motors is a Japanese Multinational company. Suzuki is one of the top 10anufacturers in the world. This time...

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Feb 3 · >

A $140,000 Car From A Chinese Startup Can Fly Over Traffic Jams

The gull-winged two-seater aircraft rose and hovered nearly 30 meters above the crowd a sit roared in Mandarin. ‘Make...

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Dec 24 · >

Javed Afridi Reveals MG 4 EV: Can Travel From Lahore To Peshawar On A Single Charge

MG 4 is an innovation probably known as MG Mulan in China, is an electric vehicle that competes with...

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Dec 1 · >

Audi, Siemens launch Pakistan’s first-ever ultra-rapid charging station for EVs

Electric vehicles getting charged at lightning-fast speeds? As incredible as that sounds, that is the purpose of the ultra-rapid...

Jun 15 · >

Toyota announces $100m investment in Pakistan for local production of hybrid EVs

In a positive development for the country’s electric vehicle sector, Toyota has announced a massive $100 million investment for...

Sep 9 · >

Xiaomi to manufacture EVs using another company’s plant

China’s Xiaomi Corp plans to make electric vehicles (EVs) using Great Wall Motor Co Ltd’s factory, said three people...

Mar 26 · >