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You Can Now Get a 4 Month Spotify Premium for Free: Here’s How

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
Spotify Premium
Spotify is currently offering a free 4-month premium subscription that can be easily availed by both Android and iOS users

If you are someone that is using Spotify without paying up for its premium version, you probably definitely understand the struggle of having to go through thousands of advertisements and not being able to download songs. But what if we tell you that you can possibly enjoy around 4 months of Spotify premium without having to make a payment.

But how is this possible? Well, Spotify is currently offering a free 4-month premium subscription for both Android and iOS users. Inorder to avail the premium subscription, you are going to need a debit or credit card, the details of which are to be entered into application’s auto payment.

Once the payment information is added, you will get around a 4-month premium membership for absolutely free. Once this four month period ends, Spotify will then start to charge you on a monthly basis, however you can avoid the next month’s payment by cancelling the subscription just a few days before the 4-month period ends.

Spotify Premium currently costs around Rs.299, which means that through availing this offer, you can save up to Rs.1200.

While the prospect of getting 4 months of free Spotify Premium already sounds interesting, people using certain Samsung devices can also get up to 3 additional free months of Spotify Premium. All these users have to do is to combine the current 4-month free premium offer with the one that’s already being offered on their devices thus giving them a premium subscription of over 7 months and savings of around Rs.1200.


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