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You Will Soon be Able to Mute Unknown Calls on WhatsApp

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
First appearing in the WhatsApp iOS Beta, the feature allows users to directly mute calls from unknown numbers

We have all had moments where you get an unknown number calling you on WhatsApp in the middle of the night. It is annoying how you have to unlock the phone and block the number inorder to stop the person from calling you, but WhatsApp is now out with a solution.

WABetaInfo just reported that WhatsApp iOS Beta now has a new feature that lets users directly mute calls from unknown numbers. Muting the calls using this feature will no longer make your phone ring, however, the missed calls will still be listed in your WhatsApp call list and even pop up in your notifications.

To enjoy this feature, users will first have to go to their WhatsApp settings, here you will find a toggle button that allows you to silence unknown callers.

This new feature will make things significantly better for people that are often contacted by a large number of people and also those who somehow have gotten their phone number leaked.

WhatsApp users will now feel much safer since spam and unknown callers often have bad intentions and can attempt to steal personal data or even rob users.

While users have always had the option to block other users, this new feature will simply allow them to avoid calls from unknown numbers thus making things easier.

The feature is only currently available in WhatsApp iOS Beta, which can be an indication of the fact that this feature will be initially released on iOS devices only.


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