Long awaited YouTube Music is finally coming

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YouTube today announced in its official blog that YouTube Music, a new music streaming service will be coming on May 22nd while YouTube red will be replaced by Premium service that will cost you a bit more.

YouTube Red offers ad-free videos along with added features. YouTube music is more focused towards offering music, videos and demands a YouTube Red subscription. Google Play Music is entirely music based and functions as streaming service and storage location for your collection of MP3s.

According to the company, YouTube Premium that is replacing YouTube red will be a bit more expensive. For those who are already members of YouTube Red, their monthly bill will not be going up. YouTube premium also incorporates new YouTube music.

At present Music is a modified YouTube app that requires a red subscription. The service will have an ad-supported version. In order to avoid ads, users will have to pay $11.99/month or subscribe to YouTube premium that includes YouTube Music.
For those who are subscribers to Google Play Music, they get Music Premium membership as a part of their subscription each month.

The company’s focus is on personalization that tries to keep a track on the music a user likes but this time around it is pushing videos to the background. The personalization will help give suggestions to the user based on his search history. Google Play Music is not going anywhere soon.

You can still use YouTube Music for free but premium service will allow you background listening, downloads for an offline and ad-free experience.

Find out when the new YouTube Music will be available in your country here.

Written by Ammara Saleem
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