YouTube has rolled out Incognito mode for Android users

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July 10, 2018
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YouTube has just rolled out Incognito mode for all its Android users. Previously present for Chrome, the incognito mode for YouTube app doesn’t log what you watch, disabling your watch and search history.

YouTube automatically saves your viewing history and makes a record to your account. But, YouTube’s Incognito Mode seems similar to a private viewing mode on a web browser and it won’t keep the record of your history on YouTube app.

Simple steps to get into Incognito Mode:

  • You’ll need to tap your account avatar in the top right-hand corner of the YouTube app.
  • It should be available as ‘Turn on Incognito’ just below the Switch account/Sign out option.
  • Click on the “Turn on Incognito” to switch your account to incognito mode.
  • While undercover, your avatar transforms into the Incognito spy icon, and none of your activity is recorded. All your subscriptions will be invisible too.

However, the app displays a couple of markers that do not go away when you are in incognito mode: the familiar icon with hat and glasses takes over your avatar, while a bar at the bottom clearly states that “You’re incognito.” When the mode is switched on, you can only access the Home and Trending options. If you try to go Subscriptions, Inbox and Library, you will get a blank screen and a notice that they will only be visible if you turn incognito off. The latest version of YouTube that comes with the new incognito mode is now available for download, so all you need to do is update your app.

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