The Unsung Women of Science – Part 1

Technology is still seen as a male-stream field, whereas many of its pioneers were spirited and incredibly genius women....

Sep 25 ·>

YouTube has rolled out Incognito mode for Android users

YouTube has just rolled out Incognito mode for all its Android users. Previously present for Chrome, the incognito mode...

Jul 10 ·>

YouTube to launch Incognito mode which can hide your browsing history

YouTube app is reportedly testing an Incognito Mode that will not keep track of your watched videos and history,...

May 16 ·>

Facebook has been collecting SMS and call history data from Android devices for years

Looks like the Cambridge Analytica – Facebook data scandal will result in disclosing more secrets of the tech giant....

Mar 26 ·>

SpaceX makes history by launching Falcon Heavy rocket carrying Roadster

Right now, the Roadster might be playing sweet songs in deep space. Finally, the big day for SpaceX and...

Feb 7 ·>

Bitcoin crosses historical $12,000 mark

After seeing a record high of $10,000, just a week ago, Bitcoin has finally passed $12,000 mark and it...

Dec 6 ·>
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