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YouTube to Get AI-Powered Dubbing Soon

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
Amjad Hanif, VP of Product Management at YouTube,says that the platform has already tested the AI powered dubbing on a few languages such as English, Portuguese and Spanish with “more to come”

Did you know that only around 52% of YouTube’s total content is produced in english? What this means is that almost half of the platform’s content is unreachable for non-english speakers whereas the other half is unreachable for people who only understand english; Now this creates a divide doesn’t it? Putting both YouTube users and creators at loss.

YouTube understands this problem, which is why the platform has now planned to release a fascinating new tool that would solve this problem once in and for all and like almost all latest mind-blowing features, this one is also powered by artificial intelligence.

According to details, the tool is being built in collaboration with Aloud which is an AI-powered dubbing service that provides automatic transcription to content that can then be dubbed.

Amjad Hanif, Vice President of Product Management at YouTube Creators said that the platform has already tested the AI dubbing feature with a few languages such as English, Portuguese and Spanish, while also adding that there is “more to come”.

YouTube is “working to make translated audio tracks sound like the creator’s voice, with more expression, and lip sync,” he added.

Once this feature is officially released YouTube creators who create content in lesser explored languages might possibly get a massive surge in the amount of views and subscribers since their content might get a global outreach.

What looks like a small AI-powered feature will possibly play a massive role in bringing people of different nationalities and languages closer together by giving them a better understanding of cultures, lives and values.


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