YouTube to offer cable channels with its own online TV service in 2017

Written by Rehan Ahmed ·  42 sec read >

Global video-streaming giant YouTube is reportedly working on its own online TV service called “Unplugged” that will offer bundled cable channels over the internet.

The Google-owned YouTube is currently the biggest video hub on the planet but it still pretty much relies on its millions of users for content. As the cord-cutting movement continues and people switch to the internet for their television needs, the only ones left clinging to their cable providers are the ones who can’t live without these channels. YouTube is looking to exploit that market by providing an online alternative TV service and it’s called “Unplugged”.

The company has already overhauled its technical architecture to accommodate the new service and has discussed its plans with most major media companies, including Comcast Corp.’s NBCUniversal, Viacom Inc., Twenty-First Century Fox Inc. and CBS Corp. However, they are yet to secure any rights.

After conquering the world of online video, Google is slowly transforming YouTube into a source for all kinds of streaming entertainment. Just last year, it unveiled YouTube Red, a $9.99-per month plan that gives a much better experience than the free-going YouTube user along with access to content by YouTube Originals.

Written by Rehan Ahmed
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