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#YouTubeDOWN- Google services go down throughout the world

Talha Ikram Written by Talha Ikram · 40 sec read>

Update: [17:35 pm (PKT)]: The YouTube app and Google Drive are working again although they seem to be slow which may be due to large traffic as the service has resumed. Gmail is still unable to access contacts.

Update: [17:30 pm (PKT)]: YouTube and Google Docs have currently started working whereas Google Drive is still down – showing an internal server error. The YouTube app also remains unavailable as of yet. Gmail is also showing issues in accessing contacts.


[17:00 pm (PKT)]: Google services which include Drive, YouTube, Gmail, and others have gone down throughout the world. This was first reported around 17:00 pm (PKT) or 12:00 pm (UTC). As of right now, the cause of the outage is unknown but a lot of users are experiencing issues with their devices that have the services already installed.


The last outage in this regard was in 2019 when Gmail went down worldwide. YouTube also experienced a glitch in November which caused the worldwide outage.

So if you are experiencing problems with these services, rest assured it’s not your internet, it’s Google. We will update this space with more details as we receive them.