Zong launches 3G & 4G Mobile Broadband devices

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Zong has launched its 3G & 4G Mobile Broadband (MBB) devices on Friday in addition to 3G/4G compatible handsets which were announced last month. The broadband devices will include Dongle, Wingle, MiFi and Routers for ensuring highest 4G speeds and mobility for its valued customers.

The Mobile Broadband devices will offer amazing wireless internet speed with the coverage of 3G in 31 cities and the hotspot coverage for 4G in 7 major cities with 5 more cities in the pipeline. The speed offered on the 3G Mobile Broadband devices is upto 21 Mbps whereas the speed offered on the 4G Device is upto 150 mbps.

An interesting feature for the MBB devices is that they are controllable through Zong number (Master number) from a smartphone and are easily rechargeable. The master number can be used to subscribe or change the MBB internet packages from the smartphone for all the devices.

All the following diverse range of broadband devices can support upto 10 devices but differ in data packages, functionality and prices.

  1. 4G Wingle will offer 4G LTE speeds with a starting data package of 60 GB and having a price tag of Rs. 12,000.
  2. 3G Dongle will have 3G speeds with a choice of five starting data packages offering data limits from 4GB to 60 GB and carry prices from Rs. 2,650 to 5,800.
  3. 3G Wingle will offer 3G speeds with three starting data packages ranging from 20 GB to 60 GB and a price tag ranging from Rs. 3,500 to Rs. 5,500.
  4. 3G Mi-Fi(Cloud) will also have 3G speeds, five data packages from 4 to 60GB and price ranging from Rs. 4,850 to Rs. 8,000.

Both Wingle and MiFi can create Wi-Fi Hotspots but MiFi can operate for 6 hours without charging while Wingle needs a USB charging cable to operate. On the other hand, Dongle does not create a WiFi hotspot but it can only be used on a single computer via a USB port.

You can use these devices for plug and play in your laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart-TVs and computer access through your Zong SIMs. The mobile company is going at lengths to make sure that it’s 3G and 4G services are more accessible to the customers across the country. Additionally, Zong has taken a giant leap to ensure all devices are launched with a variety of packages to suit different market segments with maximum utility for each.

Written by Sarwat Fatima
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