India restores internet in occupied Kashmir after five-month long blackout

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UN officials barred from using WhatsApp due to security concerns

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Microsoft obtains license to continue selling software to Huawei

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White House office requests another 2-year delay on Huawei ban, WSJ reports

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Huawei asks US court to dismiss the US ban

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US lifts ban on Huawei, offering temporary relief

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PUBG banned in India because it inspires ‘children to become psychopaths’

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iPhones might get banned in India

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Govt must unban Telegram, Digital Rights Foundation demands

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ZTE no longer serving Pakistani Telecom companies following US ban

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Alibaba prohibits crypto & ICO services on its shopping site

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Punjab govt to impose new taxes on Careem and Uber

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Twitter to ban many cryptocurrency and ICOs ads in next two weeks, report

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