10 legit looking iPhone 8 concept pictures you can’t ignore

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Apple has mesmerized people around the globe with its amazing gadgets. Whether it made tablets, mobiles or new technology, it has always taken it to a whole new level.

After making Mac computers Apple tried its luck in manufacturing smartphones, and now after several years of unimaginable quest, Apple has certainly peaked the smartphone market. From its first Apple mobile to its upcoming rumored iPhone 7s and iPhone 8 Apple has always maintained the quality and beauty of its products.

Apple’s motto is “Think different” and certainly the company has lived up to its Motto and has always embedded uniqueness in their products.

Apple’s iPhone lovers and tech enthusiasts around the globe are eagerly waiting for this new speculated iPhone 8.

Now let us take a look at 10 legit looking iPhone 8 concepts pictures circulating in social media platforms.


The first look at the mobile is breathtaking. According to the concept circulating new iPhone 8 might have a large 5.8 -inch OLED display with stainless steel chassis.



The back of the new iPhone 8 might have a solid Gorilla glass protection as shown in the picture above.


This new iPhone 8 is speculated to be 6.9mm slim and slightly bigger than its predecessors.


The phone is speculated to have small bezels allowing the screen to dominate the front face.


Other than speculated colors such as Gunmetal black and Silver colors this new iPhone smartphone might also be featuring three new colors Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver.


Functions of the lower bezel display might vary among different apps.


The new speculated camera technology takes its function to the next dimension.
– Apply measurements to augmented reality objects/photos & share with others.
– 3D facial recognition


The new iPhone 8 might have a Touch ID embedded in the display.


The lower bezel display notifies and provides quick access to apps/notifications when the screen is off as speculations are circulating on social platforms.


It might have a wireless charging with the Liquid metal frame.

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