10 Supermoon pictures through the eyes of Twitter users

By Muneeb Ahmad on
November 14, 2016
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Looked up the sky, and noticed something super? Well, definitely Super Man is a myth but the Supermoon isn’t. Supermoon happens when a full moon comes closest to the earth. At any instant during the supermoon, the moon appears about 30% brighter and 14% bigger. This supermoon is going to be the most magnificent supermoon since 1948.

Our picks of supermoon from Twitter

Internet users from all over the globe took to Twitter to share pictures of the supermoon. Although, many of the pictures looked processed but a few ones appeared to be genuine and legitimate. Moon has long been the expression of love, loneliness, and hope, and now the supermoon has fascinated people, who can’t help admire the beauty of this heavenly object on space.

Here are some picks from Twitter.

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