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10 Ways To Build Your Brand Through Social Media: Without Wasting Your Precious Time

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  3 min read >

The emergence of technology has changed the shape of the world. Social media has become an important part of our lives. It’s a platform that connects people from all over the world and allows them to share their thoughts and provides space for self-expression. Not only this, social media plays a vital role in boosting any business and building customer relationships.

It’s time to switch our mindsets and think creatively about how to enjoy social media as a brand builder and turn it into a productive habit that delivers good output.

Here we are bringing 10 effective, quick and easy tricks to boost your business and maximize your social media presence.

The Gift Of Value

It’s a time to shift your mindset and instead of thinking about ‘selling’ yourself or your idea on social media, change your perspective and think beyond the boundaries. Instead of perceiving it as a self-promotion, think of it as a way to exchange gifts. Share information that makes your target audiences live better.

Find Your Selective Fame

Instead of making and creating huge traffic on your social media. It is important to choose wisely your targeted audience and sell your product to your target market. Remember one thing, you are not here to reach Beyonce-level fame to create an impact. It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. The aim is to provide quality that can genuinely benefit from what you have to share. When you start focusing on your target audience, you become selectively famous.

Time Management Expert

Make your time an attractive tool and utilize it perfectly. Instead of wasting your precious time in creating an article, post or video, it’s time to create a series. Remain focused on your task and it will help you to save time and let you create a lot of content in one sitting.

In contrast, when you make your series, you can link to previous posts and provide foreshadowing to tease future posts which crate higher engagement.

Tap Into Your Everyday Activities

It’s a common hurdle that you have nothing to say and no content to create. Dog into your daily life and try finding content from it. If you look closely, you would realize that you have plenty of content to work on. Every experience, interaction, and thought is a potential topic. Personal stories create a strong bonding with your audience and make your content relatable.

Be Lazy

Starting from scratch can be hectic and draining for you. Adopt a ‘be lazy’ method by repurposing existing content.

It’s time to transform your written posts into videos, podcasts and infographics. This will help in saving your time and also cater to different audience preferences across various platforms while reinforcing a uniform brand message


Limited resources stop you to create attractive content. Outsource is an amazing option and a viable solution. Graphic designing and content scheduling can be outsourced easily and inexpensively. The policy will not only save you time but also ensures a consistent online presence. The Four Hour Work Week, written by Tim Ferris, allows all professions a permit to outsource the uninspiring tasks that can realistically be done by other professionals.

Plan For Serendipity

Social media offer plenty of opportunities to youngsters and to those willing to earn. But for that you need Sto need to be active enough to avail those opportunities. The serendipity effect means that unexpected collaborations might come your way because you put yourself out there. Being there can open the doors that you have never imagined.

Become A Broken Record

Thinking to bring something new and bored out of repeating yourself. The ‘Broken Record’ technique says that only a fraction of your audience sees each post. The content seems repetitive for you and might be fresh or enlightening to someone who has not come across your content before. Research says, only 2-5% of your LinkedIn followers ever see what you post

Master The Time Warp

You can use scheduling tools to be in two places at the same time. The effective way is to plan your posts so you have a regular cadence and consistent visibility. later, when you are equipped with something new and relevant content to share, you can easily augment your posting schedule, mixing it up with fresh, timely posts.

Use ChatGPT

When you use AI to make your content, you are leaving behind your creativity. Use AI to create your thought leadership, you are making yourself a conformist robot instead of producing your creativity. In contrast, you can take help from chatGPT to produce unique and different content or to give you new ideas is another valuable way to boost your brand while an ageing time.

Shifting your mindset towards social media is like a new dance move. It takes practice but it can be fun. By using the above-mentioned ideas, you will be reaping the rewards of social media before you know it. Remember, it’s not about producing something out of the box, it’s all about being authentic self and creating a meaningful impact on your targeted audience through your unique personal brand.

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