3 reasons to absolutely buy the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10

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Samsung has announced 2 new flagships at its UNPACKED event this year, the Note 10 and the Note 10+. Both smartphones bring in an array of new features and a powerful new chipset but one always wonders whether this is worth the upgrade or not.

If we look back, the Note series has always had great sales. Despite Samsung’s fiasco with the Galaxy Note 7, the Korean giant pulled back with the Note 8 and then the Note 9. This year, we have the 10th edition of the Note series and Samsung has introduced a completely revamped design along with a new in-house chipset, the Exynos 9825.

For the entire specifications of both phones, check out our article here. Below we will elaborate why the Galaxy Note 10 is a suitable upgrade for most phones nowadays:

1. Samsung has finally got the right design

The Note 10 series features a glass sandwich design in which Samsung has used two curved pieces of Corning Gorilla Glass on a metal frame. By all accounts, the aesthetics of the phone look appealing. Plus the Aura Glow design looks absolutely superb with the vibrant colors shining in broad daylight. Hands-on reviews of the phone have also detailed that it offers an extremely comfortable grip despite the fact that both phones look extremely large but they give off a premium feel.

2. The display size is just right for the S-Pen

This is perhaps the first time Samsung has maximized the display size for the true effectiveness of the S-Pen. In my opinion, most people would go for the Note 10+ as it will not only fulfill the purpose of a primary phone but also act as tablet. In essence, the Note 10+ is the phablet that we all have been waiting for. The 6.8 inches display is not only enough for note taking but with a resolution of a resolution of 1440 x 3040 pixels and HDR+ AMOLED panel, the phone will definitely offer the best experience when you are watching movies or perhaps playing PUBG with your friends.

3. Triple Camera Setup is suitable for all kinds of photos and videos

The Triple Camera setup on the Note 10 series which consists of 12MP+16MP+12MP configuration is suitable for most photos and videos nowadays. While some may argue that 48MP phones exist on the market, one must keep in mind that the size of the pictures and videos, in that case, can crowd the storage very easily. This configuration is more than enough for all smartphone users out there, even those who are looking for a companion that can somewhat rival DSLR cameras. The front camera also brings in 1440 pixels video recording at 30 frames per second as well as a dual video calling feature.

But not everything is right about the Note 10 series. As usual, there are certain flaws which can’t be overlooked and you can read them in Muneeb’s article right here.

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