More than 300 iPhone X units stolen from a parcel truck in the US

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iPhone X stolen UPS truck

Over 300 iPhone X models have been stolen from a United Parcel Service (UPS) truck in San Francisco, US, just before the availability of the devices in Apple stores, according to the reports from various media outlets. The thieves broke into the UPS truck when it was delivering units to the Stonestown Galleria shopping mall in San Francisco.

The theft took place just hours ahead of the availability of iPhone X in Apple stores of the United States. The cost of 313 stolen phones is estimated be around $370,000.

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According to the police report shared by Cnet, three thieves in hoodies driving a white Dodge van broke into a UPS truck outside of the Stonestown location on Wednesday morning. The truck was loaded with iPhone X devices that were being shipped to the store.

A warden nearby the incident location spotted the suspects unloading boxes from UPS truck and immediately took a picture before the thieves were on the move.

As we reported earlier that Apple has been facing production issues to supply iPhone X units at a large scale but these stolen devices will not be a big deal for production as people who preordered these devices will still get them anyway.

Every single stolen iPhone X model has been enlisted by the police and serial numbers of all devices are being handed over to them. It appears that it will be difficult for thieves to find their way out as soon as Apple’s “Find my Phone” and remote lockout features are being activated to these devices.

iPhone X could become the hot selling product of Apple due to its innovative features like Face ID and super retinal screen. Customers preordered more than twice as many iPhone X units in the first four days than the previous record holder iPhone 6.

Image Source: CNET

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