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4 Most Weird Inventions Coming In 2023

Written by Muhammad Muneeb Ur Rehman ·  2 min read >

Technology is progressing day by day and is creating mind-wrecking updates, but with advancements, technology is also getting weirder and weirder every day. 2023 will be full of those weird products and technologies and some of these are actually useful.

Here are some of the expected weird technologies from 2023.

Withings Urine Detector

U-Scan is a weird 90mm pebble-shaped U-Scan designed to collect urine through a collection inlet. When the presence of urine is detected through a thermal sensor, a pump is activated that sends the urine to a specific test pod where a chemical reaction is read by an optical module. 

The U-Scan can channel urine through multiple pods to take several readings. When the measurement is complete, the urine is purged through a waste outlet, and the U-Scan is cleaned when the toilet flushes.

The U-Scan has dozens of miniaturized test pods that can provide various health readings, with the information sent to the Withings app on the iPhone over WiFi. Each cartridge of test pods lasts for three months before it needs to be replaced, and the reader itself is rechargeable. The Withings app is able to provide results, actionable insights, and guidance based on urine results.

Withings is launching the U-Scan in Europe in the second quarter of 2023, and it will be priced at 499.95 euros for the reader and one cartridge. U-Scan will be available in the United States following future FDA testing.



Japenese robotics company, Aeolus Robotics launched its new metal mate at CES 2023 which has been designed to support overstretched healthcare facilities in particular.

It is specially built for helping old and unwell people for regulating their health

The robot has autonomous navigation, using a slew of cameras and IR sensors on its base. It can move around a space and use its maneuverable right arm to open doors and ride elevators while disinfecting surfaces using the UV light on its left ( a big hit during the pandemic). 

It can be used for patrolling, security, and delivering food. The robot can also be operated remotely when necessary, though the firm says few instances call for that level of control.

Aeolus says the robot is largely made of proprietary components, including the arm. While common wisdom says that building your robot arm is a bit of a fool’s errand in this day and age, certain tasks are required starting from scratch.

Yukai Engineering’s breathing Pillow


Another Japanese robotics firm Yukai Engineering came to CES with Fufuly which is just a soothing pillow in the true sense. The hardware startup says the product utilizes “respiratory entrainment,” which refers to a phenomenon wherein the rhythm of a user’s breathing matches that of a respirator. 

This means the person’s breathing matches up with the robot cushion, rather than the other way around. Yukai says the product was developed based on research from the University of Tokyo. 

Certainly, plenty has been written about the power of breathing in improving one’s mental state and reducing anxiety. It’s precisely the reason breathing is tied so closely to meditation.

Glüxkind’s Self-driving Stroller

The self-driving Stroller does not mean that it can run away but the $3,300 self-driving stroller means that it does not require parents to push it.

The Ella AI, made by Canadian startup Glüxkind, features a dual-motor system designed for walking uphill and an automatic brake assist function for walking downhill, in case the parent accidentally drops something or lets go of the handle, per Glüxkind’s website. The technology is similar to pedal assistance in electric bikes, according to Auto Evolution.

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