5 Activities To Make Time Fly When You’re Fasting!

Written by Rizwan Anwer ·  2 min read >

The Holy Month of Ramadan will start from tomorrow and most people will find fasting a challenge because of the heat and power outage. Since most of the youth will be out of school during Ramadan, it will become harder than ever. TechJuice has collected five activities for you to make time fly away and to beat the heat and get your mind off from food and water.

1. Learn a New language

Let me first clear up that in this case the word language can mean both written and spoken, such as Spanish, French, German, Mandarin Chinese etc. We did an article on TechJuice about web and smartphone apps that can help you learn a language without going to a language center and paying for the service. You can get inspiration from the article below.

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Additionally, if you don’t feel like learning a language that you may never use, why not pick up a computer language? A fantastic site is CodeAcademy which can turn you into a skilled programmer in a matter of a few weeks or days if you are committed enough to learn. You will find this a great way to spend time constructively as you fast in Ramadan.

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2. Pick up a hobby

Ever wanted to pick up a new hobby or skill that you thought to learn but never could? What stopped you? Preoccupation? Time? Studies? Well, if you have the time and the resources, you can follow through on that promise and learn the instrument. Additionally, educational institutes and workplaces alike are both welcoming and encouraging to patrons of the musical arts, you’d make one memorable impression.

Gardening as a hobby

Why not direct your energy towards something productive? Pick up writing, gardening, and origami. Each of these activities is mental and physical exercises that truly help in relaxing the mind and body. Once you get immersed in either one, you won’t even know time has gone by.

3. Clear your backlog

If you are anything like me, you are a hoarder. I have to read around 20 books and finish 40 games on my PS3 before I can migrate to the PS4 next year. Take the opportunity of clearing up your backlog making the most out your smartphone or tablet! There are plenty of apps on the existing smartphone OS platforms that will allow you to play movies, TV Shows, Books and other media with ease on your smartphone or tablet.

Time flies when you are immersed in a good book or a good TV Series. As an avid TV Show watcher, I can tell you that this summer is chalked full of absolutely amazing TV Shows which I can promise will make time fly right out the window.

4. Earn from an existing skill

All of us have a hidden talent withing us waiting to be revealed. If you are intimidated with other successful people around you then know that they are the same as you and me. They came from humble beginnings and ultimately achieved a big goal.

Are you good at writing? Be a freelance content writer. Are you good at art? Be a freelance artist. Are you skilled in teaching? Offer online courses and pass on your skill to a student.

Your talent is only limited to the scope you wish to utilize it through. The internet has become a ground where you can market your talent and yourself and be able to work for yourself and gain a small feeling of independence when you make your first month pay.

5. Quench the thirst of education

Are you a learner and miss absorbing new information every day at school? The geeks and nerds will be happy to sign up for online classes to master a new skill. There are plenty of sites that offer free education with Coursera being the leader among them. It has a great assortment of subjects with various sub-fields. You can sign up for a course and study from major Universities such as University of Maryland, University of Melbourne, and Copenhagen Business school.

The site offers entry level to high level bachelor’s courses which people study after paying copious amounts of money in an institute; these courses are being offered to you from the comfort of your laptop screen and home.

Online Courses

Alternatively, you can try out Edx and Udacity as well and broaden your horizons from there too. So far, these three sites are the most prevalent in terms of user feedback. Keep in mind though that Udacity is inclined towards software engineers. Edx and Coursera offer courses in Business, Economics, languages and much more!