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5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Mac

Avatar Written by Rizwan Anwer ·  2 min read >

The Mac OS has become very popular as of late. With the help of the MacBook Air, Pro and the recent 5k iMac, everyone is more than eager to get their hands on a Mac for their personal use. Due to the simplicity, the rich aesthetics and many other features that come bundled in that sleek metallic body, a Macbook will always turn heads whenever you take it out of your bag.

And if the above isn’t enough to sell you on the Mac, then lets see if these reasons do any better.

1. Every Mac is a powerhouse.

While the flavors of Windows PC vary from one OEM to the next, every Macbook boasts a powerful CPU that has the right balance of power and performance.

This is why we see the Macbooks proudly boasting a battery life of more than 6 hours on a single charge. In a sleek and slim form factor, you are able to play games and work without worrying about the battery plummeting like a rock. Additionally the air flow of the MacBooks is so amazing, you will be looking for how the cooling works. And once you find out how MacBook Air controls its ventilation, I am sure you will have to pick your jaw up off the floor.

2. Are you an arts major? This is a MUST!

Are you majoring in an art? Are you an avid photographer or video editor? Then you HAVE to get your hands on a Mac and a few licensed software ASAP if you are serious about your career.

The size & weight of the laptops, and the rock solid stability of the body and the OS guarantee maximum potential of work output, so you never have to worry about pushing your hardware to its limit.

The Mac OS is highly appreciated for its ability to handle video encoding and when used for photos and videos, this is one gadget you have to add to your arsenal.

3. Shut down and boot up in seconds! Never have a moment of waiting.

How many times have you wanted to show a video, a picture or a document to a friend? And you both are staring at your laptop screen with a straight poker face waiting for it to come out of sleep and have an additional wait for opening the file?

Mac OS is superbly optimized in this regard. Once you turn it on you can leave it running for days. Weeks. And even months. Without a single restart as long as you keep the battery topped up. You only have to wait a few seconds for the OS to bring you to your desktop and from there you have the option of playing a file, opening a document within seconds depending on your level of proficiency with the OS.

4. Learning the Mac is brilliantly easy and impressing new-comers will fill you with a sense of pride.

At first the Mac OS had me scratching my head but once I got familiar with the OS and learned a few tricks here and there I can confidently say that learning the OS was a fun journey and presented me with more options than Windows ever did.

Teaching the ways of the Mac to a newbie is like passing on the teachings of a Jedi unto a Padawan; it comes naturally.

While yes the Mac OS does commonly have the “label” of complex and not having a friendly UI, you will find it to be quite the contrary once you have one in your hands.

5. Comes with more more stuff out of the box than most other PC’s

In comparison to Windows PC’s you are getting a ton of content for the price you pay. You get a ton of bundled software’s with your Mac so you don’t have to worry about downloading stuff out of the box. All of it is preinstalled and saves you the trouble of hunting down alternatives or freeware versions.

With the help of the Apple App Store you are able to buy all the software you need without the need of scouring Google for alternatives. And with the convenience of Apple accounts you can pay instantly without the need of worrying about the developer accepting your form of payment.