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5 reasons you should avoid Windows 10 for a while

Shaf Younus Written by Shaf Younus ·  1 min read >
Windows 10

Back in July this year when Microsoft launched windows 10, users encountered a number of problems that made this operating system notorious. A number of problems were reported when users switched from Windows 8 to Windows 10. In Windows OS phones, the beta version of windows 10 caused issues like slow downs and application crashes. Many users have came up with a conclusion that it is not a wise idea to switch to Windows 10.

1. Activation problems in Windows 10

As soon as you install Windows 10, you may find it very difficult to update your OS. Many users who switched to Windows 10 reported activation issues. There’s no solution to fix this problem so far. Though everyone who switched to windows 10 did not face activation problems but this was among the top problems reported by the users.

2. Google Chrome crash

Google Chrome users had to face severe issues while using Windows 10. Many users reported that Google Chrome could not endure heavy usage like online video streaming and stuff. Google Chrome crashed without any warning sign and did not restore its previous state when reopened. Moreover, it did not support some useful extensions as well. Regrettably, again there’s nothing you can do except for reinstalling Google Chrome.

3. Lost connectivity Issues

Windows 10 users also reported that they face lost Wifi connectivity issue while using the internet. Its not just Windows 10, previous versions of Windows have got the same issue i.e. Wifi cuts off and does not reconnect. For Windows 7, OS reboot was the best solution to the problem but for Windows 8, no solution was verified. Even updates could not solve the problem for Windows 8.

4. No DVD facility

A playback software that ensure DVD support is missing in Windows 10. Users never expected Microsoft to launch an operating system without native DVD support. But yes, a very useful feature will be missing in Windows 10.

5. Missing sub-folders in E-mail app

Users of Windows 10 also reported that they cannot make sub-folders in the e-mail app while using their email. For some people, this might not be an issue. But for people having extensive working with email, there nothing for now to fix your problem.

These are some of the problems Windows 10 users have been facing. If you think these problems will get into the way of your device usage. We will advise you to stay away from Windows 10 for a while.