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Microsofts Send is now available for Android

Microsoft has hardly shown some affiliation towards android since its evolution. But now it seems like Microsoft has intended...

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Sep 21 · >

Samsung loses the case for copying iPhone features

Few years back it was reported that Apple filed a lawsuit against Samsung for copying iPhone features. In a...

Sep 18 · >

Facebook’s dislike button will not be what you are thinking

The news of Facebook’s upcoming dislike button has spread like a fire on social media in the last couple...

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Sep 16 · >

5 Behaviors that limits your chances of promotion

Everyone desires for a nice furnished office with a handsome salary package and lots of perks. But what does...

Sep 15 · >

5 reasons you should avoid Windows 10 for a while

Back in July this year when Microsoft launched windows 10, users encountered a number of problems that made this...

Sep 12 · >