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5 Upcoming Smartphones you should watch out for! [September 2013]

Written by Qurat Zafar ·  1 min read >
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We here at The AppJuice are generally glued to our mobile/laptop screens looking for the latest Technology news so that our readers don’t miss out on anything. As the fourth and final quarter of the year approaches, the companies are racing to release some brilliant gadgets and make new sales records. Technology lovers are in for a treat as there are lots of new gadgets coming up. Here are the 5 amazing upcoming smartphones that you can look forward to:

Apple iPhone 5c&5s


Predicted Release Date: September 10

With only two days to go, there are a lot of rumors circulating about these upcoming smartphones. We know three things thus far: there is a “champagne” version of the iPhone, the phones will come with a brand new version of iOs, the iOs7 and there is probably a fingerprint scanner built in the home button. Will the 5s be any improvement on the iPhone 5? Will the Budget iPhone hit a homerun? The truth will soon be revealed: stay tuned to The AppJuice for the updates!

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Galaxy Note 3


Predicted Release Date: it’s here!
It is big, powerful and smart! The Galaxy Note 3 takes care of all your creative needs and allows multitasking. It is one of the best phablets out there and the best part is, it was released just days ago and will be available for buying soon.

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Nokia Lumia 1520


Predicted Release Date: September/October

Lumia “Bandit” as it is being coined is expected to have a full 6inch display which will be fully capable of playing HD video. With Microsoft now in charge of Nokia, this phone has attracted a lot of attention. Rumors suggest that along with HTC Harmony, it may be one of the first phones to come with GDR 3!

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HTC Harmony


Predicted Release Date: October

Love the Windows Phone but are envious of the luxurious metallic design that HTC One offers? Well, big news is in store for you! Upcoming smartphone HTC Harmony might be the answer to your prayers. This phone is expected to have the impressive metallic design similar to HTC One but with a Windows OS.

Nexus 5


Predicted Release Date: October

Google might unveil a Nexus 5 before this year ends and the possibility of a next generation smartphones is a source of a lot of excitement for the Android fans all over the world. Rumors suggest that this phone will support the latest version of Android: 4.4 KItkat and will be manufactured by LG. We are definitely excited about this one!

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