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5 ways university students can make money through side hustles

Written by Ammara Saleem ·  2 min read >

When you have started university, asking your parents for money can be a real struggle. You know you have grown up and do not want to unnecessarily burden your parents when they are already paying hefty fees. Also, you have to take care of daily expenses associated with being on campus and want to have a social life with your campus buddies. Sometimes you want to sign up for conferences and student competitions as well, but registration fees hold you back. Stress not, because here are five ways to pursue a side hustle to earn some extra money and have a bit of entrepreneurial experience too.

Start blogging or vlogging

Do you have a keen interest in a particular field? From eating to travelling, books to gadgets. If you are really passionate about something, why not share your stories or experiences through a blog or vlog. You only need a laptop and a DSLR. You can use WordPress, Instagram, Facebook or YouTube for that purpose. You can earn money by offering advertising space.

You can take the example of Miss Chatter. , a famous Vlog run by a travel enthusiast. She frequently documents her travel experience predominantly within the premises of Lahore and within a short span of time, she has attracted a huge audience. Keep in mind that content quality is key in gaining traffic to your blog.

Become a photographer

Remember that if you have a passion for photography and you start this just as a hobby, one day it might turn into a successful business. Build your own photography website and create a Facebook and Instagram page. Building a watermark is essential too, start adding it to your photos. You can kickstart by covering university events for free to build your portfolio and then introduce pricing packages. You can also sell your photos at Talking Clicks.

Participate in student competitions

There are numerous student competitions that you can take part in and win big. Every university holds an array of events all year round, such as Softec by FAST-NU, ProBattle by IBA and many more. Identify which category can you compete in. You can not only earn money if you win but also add the achievement to your resume.

Sell your notes and old books

If you are really good at making notes, start selling them. Get them photocopied and also scanned. We all know bank benchers are the best target audience for that. When the exams are near and stress levels are high, they would seek refuge in your notes, you can charge a nominal price for them at first and then see how you want to go ahead with pricing. Furthermore,f you have a know-how of making a website, upload the notes there. You can also use your website to sell books of your previous semester. Students would prefer to buy the books from you at a lower price rather than buying new ones from a bookstore. This is a smart way to monetize items that previously had no commercial value.

Become a campus ambassador

There are a number of organizations in Pakistan that look for enthusiastic individuals that can market their organizations in their university. They offer the opportunity to become campus ambassadors and these programs are paid sometimes. You can apply for one such program and get paid along with enjoying added benefits such as company’s merchandise and getting a certificate at the end. You can apply for the campus ambassador program at Homework.

Ever felt short of cash as a university students and came up with a workable way to manage that? Let us know in the comments section.

Written by Ammara Saleem
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