58 amazing facts about Bitcoin you might not know

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Bitcoin-Interesting Facts

Cryptocurrency, the digital currency based on the unique concept of blockchain, is taking the world by storm. Much more than just being a currency, it is being used by different startups to raise funding for their startups and banks are getting aboard this bandwagon for conducting international money transfers. Recently, China and Telenor have also showed their interest in it. But there have been some scams too including OneCoin, that was being termed as a Ponzi Scheme. Recently, its promoters were fined 2.6M euros in Italy.

Bitcoin is definitely the leader in the market of cryptocurrency right now, followed by other major contenders including Ethereum and Ripple etc. You can bookmark and regularly check out the cryptocurrency section on our website to stay updated on the topic.

Given below are some interesting facts knitted in an infographic (via — BitcoinPlay) which encompass the 10-year journey, Bitcoin has had with us:

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