6.5-inch iPhone to be released next year, much hated “notch” still there

By Shehryar Ahmed on
December 7, 2017
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Apple is rumored to be planning to release three new iPhones next year, according to a report given to investors by analysts at Nomura, a Japanese financial firm.

Apple might launch two iPhone with OLED displays, while the third one would be equipped with a standard LCD.
The iPhone X, which was released last month, was the first iPhone to feature an OLED display.

Out of the two models following suit, one will have the same screen of the iPhone X, i.e. a 5.8 inch, whereas the other model will come with a 6.5 inch display.

The report contains information about how both these models will have similar specs as that of the iPhone X, except one notable difference: dual sim support!

The analysts’ predictions state that the third iPhone will be targeted to the mid-range segment, i.e. between $650 and $900. Furthermore, it is said that this model will come with Apple’s much speculated Facial Recognition camera.

The third model will only have a single lens camera on the back and Apple’s Force Touch feature won’t be available as well.

Nomura’s analysts have gathered this information through supply chain surveys filled in by firms which supply parts to Apple for the iPhone.

They have, however, admitted that these predictions can be wrong and that complete confirmation regarding these claims might be available around second quarter of 2018, when these firms get actual orders from Apple.

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