A startup raised $66 million in 5 days with these 24 slides

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Front is a startup focusing to facilitate teams in getting their work done unconventionally. Started five years back, the startup provides teams a shared inbox app to help team members access communications via texts, email and social media, all in one place.

The CEO of Front, Mathilde Collin ended up raising $66 million from an investor within five days to raise a series B round. For any startup seeking to raise investment, this will serve as a great guide.

Here is a look at 24 slides that are a perfect example of winning the game by minimizing distraction and maximizing focus:

1. Here’s the first slide that minimizes distraction of the investor by simply putting the name of the business and nothing else on the slide.

2. The next slide is explaining the issue that businesses face all over the world.


3. Front comes as a super hero coming to save the business world by fighting the problem.

4. This slide captures the essence of offerings by Front.


5. That’s how Front evolved over time.

6. This one slide captures not only the notable customers of Front but also the break down of stats.

7. The growth of Revenue is shown through the most simple bar chart.

8. This slide is pretty convincing to look at as it is explaining people have stopped leaving Front over time.

9. Simple bar charts explain the most major achievements of the company here.

10. Front has a team that grows subscription.


11. And keeps growing.

12. That’s how Front has explained its marketing mix.

13. That’s the perfect example of great use of space as Front shows expansion of customer base along with growth.

14. Front shows a side most of the entrepreneurs neglect, the company’s popularity among its own employees.

15. That’s a powerful visual understanding of how smart Front is when it comes to handling cash.

16. The slide shows Front has a clear vision for future.


17. Raising a question to keep the viewer engrossed?

18. Strengths.

19. Their most emphasized areas are.

20. They have serious goals to expand.

21. The long term vision is to be the future of simple access to all communications.

22. An element of mystery here.

23.  Here’s all that Front visionizes.

24. And the last one, so simple and straight forward.


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