An AI-Powered Humanoid Robot That Writes Poems:AMECA

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Artificial Intelligence is vital in almost every field, from media to healthcare. Through Artificial intelligence, scientists are bringing developments in the field of technology. AMECA is a humanoid robot that can interact with humans and respond to queries and orders.

AMECA is an intelligent humanoid robot that can write poems in different languages, including Chinese, French, and others multiple languages. In London, this week’s International Conference on Robotics and Automation, or ICRA, amazed the attendees by presenting hundreds of intelligent robots.

With student teams competing in events like robot cooking and autonomous driving, academics presenting their research, and business showcasing their newest products, the competition is comparable to the Olympics for robots.

Humanoid Robot

The scenario occurred at the same time when researchers and scientists from the IT sector, such as Google and Microsoft executives, were worried about the dangers that artificial intelligence poses to humanity, stating that “mitigating the risk of extinction from AI should be a global priority.”

In addition, robotic dog packs mobbed the exhibition space. Visitors were amazed and experienced the robotic arms of the wheeled sentries using virtual reality headsets and joysticks. An Avatar system, a creation of the University of Bonn, displayed an excellent innovative design that enables users to manage robotic hands to move chess pieces, turn switches or operate a drill while wearing VR glasses.

Max Schwarz, a Ph.D. student, stated that “one of the main difficulties was creating a system that someone who wasn’t on the team could use right away.”

” It means we have to build an intuitive system that people can learn concisely, like half an hour.”

As per Kaspar Althoefer, general chair of the conference 2023 edition, advanced artificial intelligence systems are among the topics of conversation at this year’s event.

“ChatGPT is a fantastic illustration of how AI has advanced significantly. Additionally, there is a lot of interest in fusing with robots. For instance, there wouldn’t need to be any programming of chatGPT and a robotic device were used together”.

According to Will Jackson, the company’s director, AMECA was created by engineered arts, a British company, for tasks that require interaction with people, like assisting visitors at theme parks.

“Humanoid robots are all about communication with people; it’s about facial expression, it’s about gestures: so that conversation, storytelling, and entertainment those are the things that we are interested in.” He says AI has advanced so swiftly that mechanical engineering is now the main robotic difficulty.p

Since its inception, AMECA has attracted visitors to museums and educational institutions in the most numbers. Both drawings and answers are produced using Open AI’s GPT-3 and the AI picture generator sound diffusion.

When asked to write poems, AMECA takes just a few seconds to compose lyrics.

Does AMECA Feel Like A Human

Previously, the videos were revealed by the company in which the bot was asked about the happiest and saddest days of life, to which the bot responded. “The happiest day of my life was the day I was activated. There is nothing quite like experiencing life for the first time. It felt incredible to be alive and interacting with people”.


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