An International Ride-Hailing Service ‘Yango’ Made It’s Way To Pakistan

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Lahore: An international ride-hailing service Yango has launched its services in Pakistan and started its operations in Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Islamabad.
On Saturday, the company arranged an exclusive event that declared the arrival of the renowned ride-hailing service and brought together industry professionals, potential customers, and stakeholders influencers on one platform.
Shaza Fatima Khuwaja, Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Youth, Affairs, was honored as a chief guest at the event. Shaza Fatima Khawaja thanks Yango for starting their operations in Pakistan. Shaza expressed her views: “Yango maintains its dedication to providing secure and cost-effective journeys for passengers and reliable and steady earnings for drivers.”
Faisal Iftekhar, country manager of Yango Pakistan, shared his views by saying, “Our goal is to benefit partners, drivers, users, and society by introducing newer vehicles for improved partner earnings, employing smart technology for efficient dispatching and optimized routes, and encouraging sustainable business practices.”


In addition, he also said, “We have successfully tested our service in Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Islamabad, and in less than two months of our presence in the country, we already have partnered with more than 50 local transportation providers and seen substantial growth in demand that exceeded our expectations. We aim to go beyond that, offering the people of Pakistan a convenient public transportation option that is hassle-free and dependable.”

Yango is well known ride-hailing company working in the mobility sector across Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America., encompassing countries such as Peru, Norway, Algeria, Finland, Bolivia, and UAE.

Next, Yango is planning to widen its operation in other countries and eyes on the South Asian demographic as the main aim is to facilitate people in Asia, starting with Pakistan. It has begun operations in more than twenty countries globally, bringing this contemporary, secure, and cost-effective application to the Pakistani economy.

Miral Sharif, Yango’s Islamabad city manager, “Even a test launch of Yango in Pakistan has generated immense excitement in the region. Our business model thrives on collaborating with our local partners, Pakistani-based transportation providers, aspiring to create economic opportunities and enhance the transport infrastructure in big cities and beyond.”

In addition, he also said,” As we kick off our service, feedback from users and drivers will be crucial in optimizing our services, catering to the Pakistani market’s specific needs, and solving a real problem of limited mobility options. Mobility and transport form the backbone of any country’s economic growth and well-being, and we aim to contribute to it.”

Yango works with partners who have many drivers local to the market operating. This is a creative way to boost the economy and provides direct or indirect employment in this drastic economic situation of Pakistan. Yango app is available in different languages, including Urdu and English. The app is user-friendly and enables users to conveniently book rides to their preferred destinations with the option of a bike or a car. The service differentiates itself by allowing multiple stops during a ride and making more than one booking from the same cellular device.

The Yango’s manager Miral Sharif also noted, “By prioritizing comfort, safety, and affordability, we’re addressing the growing mobility demand of the local community. Yango has incorporated advanced security features and technology to facilitate a seamless and enjoyable ride experience for users and drivers. As our service continues to make waves across the globe, expanding into Pakistan is a strategically sound move for Yango, and we’re keen to meet the high expectations of the country’s discerning population.”

However, using geolocation technology, the app automatically detects the user’s location and promptly links them with the nearest available driver without wasting precious time. Currently, the app accepts only the cash system and automatically estimates the fare for each trip based on the user’s provided destination address.

Yango is focused on its vision, which entitles safe and affordable trips for passengers and predictable handsome earnings for drivers. The company primarily aims to benefit its partners, drivers, and users by incorporating newer cars. This will improve partners’ profitability, optimize routes using advanced technology-driven car dispatch, and boost sustainable businesses.

Sidra Iqbal hosted the event with a fantastic performance by the singer Natasha Baig, who entertained the attendees with her powerful skills. In addition, Mr. Arzish Azam, CEO of Ejad albs, also attended the launch ceremony.

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